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One way to simplify your life is to simplify your day.


We all have busy seasons of life or workloads at our jobs that require good time management skills and improved productivity. Time management strategies like time blocking, setting prioritities, and gorgeous color-coded planners are wonderful tools to help you get things done. 


The answer to being less busy is not better time management or productivity. You are still busy; you are great at being busy. 

The answer to being less busy is to have less to do. 

To accomplish a less busy life, the “extra” tasks need to be eliminated. By deconstructing how you spend your time, you can identify the tasks deserving of your time and money.


Being less busy leads to simplifying your day. 

The aim of this website is to help you figure out how to identify what is most important to you, align your calendar, task lists, stuff, and mindset to support those values, and let go of the rest.


I want us to worry less about having enough hours in the day to cross all the things off our lists. Your list will become prioritized, bucketed, and will pilot you through simpler days.

Read more on the blog about how to say no, routines, how to tidy up faster, boundaries, and "nothing" days. 

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