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Homeschool Plans + Curriculm 2022-2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

My children are 8 (son), 7 (daughter), and 5 (son) this year. My oldest will be in third grade, my middle child is a second grader, and my youngest is starting kindergarten.

In the state of Maryland, we are required to homeschool eight subjects:

  • math

  • English

  • science

  • social studies

  • health

  • art

  • music

  • physical education

In this video, I shared a declutter of prior year's supplies plus the plans for homeschool in 2022-2023. The links for mentioned items are in this blog post below.


Group Subjects

We generally do a homeschool group subject lesson together. Sometimes my youngest child doesn't feel like joining and I do not pressure him. Sometimes my older two kids like to do a few lessons at a time when they find a topic interesting. Our group subjects for this homeschool year 2022-2023 are:

  • science

  • health

  • art

  • music

Therefore, each of my kids has individual one-on-one time with me or my husband for social studies, math and English. Physical education happens to be the same three sports at this time, but they all take different classes to match their ages and levels: swim class, gymnastics, and karate. However, my youngest does not take gymnastics.


This year, we are using Science Shepherd. It's a video-based program with a corresponding workbook. My 3rd grader has Level B workbook. My 2nd grader and kindergartener have Level A workbooks. They watch the same, short video but answer differently questions in the two different workbooks. The program was developed by a homeschool dad of six children looking for a way to explain the relationship between science and God. We have the Introductory Science program.


We will use one page a week from each of their health workbooks:


We will repeat the curriculum from last year: using the Get Into Art books.. Here's a detailed blog post about the homeschool art curriculum we use.


This year, we are trying SQUILT Live. This will include live webinars with a teacher, a listening calendar, and unit studies.


My Illustrated Bible. We just read this children's bible and talk about the scripture.


Independent Subjects

Third grade math:

Third grade English:

Third grade social studies:

Second grade math:

Second grade English:

Second grade social studies:

Kindergarten math:

Kindergarten English:

Kindergarten social studies:

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