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Six Favorites for Skin, Hair, and Clothes!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

It's critical for women to take responsibility for our health, understand our options, and seek to improve our health. I've included six of my favorites grouped by three categories (clothing, hair, and skin) in this blog post that make me feel healthy and happy!

The short list:

  1. favorite pants (clothes)

  2. any mint color shirt (clothes)

  3. essential oils (hair)

  4. styling cream (hair)

  5. sunscreen (skin)

  6. body soap (skin)

The detailed version:


1. My Go-To Pants

Well... if you've watched any of my videos lately, I'm wearing these pants. If you know me in person, you've seen me in these black pants. I wear them all the time. In fact, I bought a second pair to wear when the first pair is in the wash, as well as a third pair in a dark olive color to spice things up in my closet.

Taking it one step further... I will be decluttering some pants when I organize my closet this month that were usurped as a result of my Go To Pants. They are not called Go To Pants on Amazon. That's just what I call them. Here's the link:

I wear these Dragon Fit Joggers nearly every day. For me, they are more comfortable (and forgiving) than a yoga pant. Happiness is a part of a healthy journey. These pants make me happy.

2. Any shirt in a mint color

Two months ago, I added three new shirts in a mint color to my wardrobe. I'm loving how the fun color punches up my wardrobe. My favorite is a polka dot blouse from TJ Maxx, but I couldn't find a link for it. My two other shirts in this color are this square neck puff sleeve and this crew neck sweater blouse. I plan to go thrift store shopping this month, and will be hunting for this color in any shirt or dress!



3. Essential Oils

I shared the Simply Earth May Box in this video, and I'm loving it. The hair mask recipe is divine! I also use essential oils to clean my kitchen sink, vacuum (a few drops on the filter), spray on curtains, and to freshen the air from time to time.

Essential oils have become part of my health journey in the last few years, and I feel good about using less toxins one recipe at a time.


Get your $40 gift card after your first purchase of Simply Earth's Monthly Recipe Box. May is Women's Health Month - treat yourself with code ERICALUCASFREE here:

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4. Styling Cream

Another hair favorite is my AG Styling Cream. I've used it after every shower for the last five months. It works to hold and shape my curl, and I believe it's curly girl method friendly. I'm on month 16 of my curly girl method journey.



5. Sunscreen

Protecting our skin from the Sun's rays is critical to women's health (well, everyone's health). I use Native's sunscreen (unscented), but I urge you to use ANY sunscreen. It's a must.


Save 30% on your Native Sunscreen Pack - normally $36, you’ll get it for $25! Click here and use my code ERICALUCAS9

6. Body Soap

I have used Neutrogena's Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Bar for the last 12 years. In every shower. For 12 years. I might cry if they stop making it.

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