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Self Care Ideas for September!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

What is Self Care?

The World Health Organization defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”.

Self Care Definition:

What is Self Care?
What is Self Care?

In this video, I chat about some self care I'm planning on prioritizing in September.

This video is part of September's Mega Motivation playlist with Dawn at The Minimal Mom. Check out the entire playlist with dozens of channels talking about time management this month: Mega Motivation Time Management Playlist.

What does self care mean?

For me, self care focuses on any activity that gives me positive impact on my mental, physical, or emotional health. In September, that looks like:

  • Emotional: therapy, hugs, walking, and time alone

  • Physical: hygiene, nutrition, medical care, and walks

  • Mental: manage stress, brain dumps, walks, and reading


Breakdown of what self care means to me in September:

Examples of Self Care
Examples of Self Care

Let's drill down on that managing stress one for this month. Stress is high in September for me, as we are back to our homeschool routine, sports, music lessons, and more.


I am managing stress in September by:

Thank you for sharing your self care plans for this busy season of life! From a question on the YouTube Community page, I've collected the following ideas.

Self Care Ideas

  • reading more often

  • telling myself it's ok to need more than my normal 6 hours of sleep

  • made a woman cave in my wardrobe (closet)

  • training our puppy so more time outside

  • doing my own manicure and pedicure

  • doing my best to keep up with my workout routine

  • walking morning and night to reach my step goals

  • getting back into reading

  • gardening is my happy place

  • knitting is "me" switching off

  • watching The Chateau Diaries

  • taking the time to take care of myself

  • just letting things be, not intervene

  • distancing from things/situations I do not want in my life

  • working with a counselor to improve self talk and self esteem

  • scheduling a massage

  • teaching myself to go to bed earlier

  • signed up for an online gentle fitness course

  • rejoining the gym for pool access

  • making sure my hair looks nice which makes me feel good

  • thinking about beginning collagen powder

  • hitting the gym 5 days a week

  • eat healthy

  • drink water

  • take vitamins

  • go to bed on time

  • vacation

  • dental visits

  • cleaning my car

  • knitting when I get a chance

  • take baths

  • maybe treating myself to a new haircut

  • swimming

  • having my grandkids over individually

  • getting up a little later

  • treadmill

  • walking

  • alone time to recharge

  • going out to lunch

  • no fast food for 30 days

  • biking

  • going to bed earlier

  • listening to audible books

  • putting in two weeks notice to my toxic job

  • mostly not being upset with myself for failing at every turn

  • trying to get more sleep

  • get my steps in

  • make time to quilt

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