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20 Coastal Grandmother Amazon Finds under $20

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The latest style trend featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and of course, TikTok, is "Coastal Grandmother." Hitting the buckets of home decor, style, and fashion, Coastal Grandmother has us taking a pause and looking twice.

Maybe it's the time of year with summer approaching. Maybe it's light, breezy, easy and chic feel of the clothing, home decor, and vibe. No matter the impetus, I connect with the perennial, summertime Coastal Grandmother trend.

In this blog post, you will find 20 ideas for under $20 in fashion and home decor for the "Coastal Gran" trend. I'm sort of obsessed with #7. Which do you already own, and which would you consider adding to your style?

What is Coastal Grandmother?

Apparently coined by TikTok star, Lex Nicoletta, Coastal Grandmother is "anyone who “loves Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten and cozy interiors,” says Nicoletta. #coastalgrandmother for the win!

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal // Diane Keaton in the movie "Something's Gotta Give"

You may already have some attire rocking in your closet for this trend. I certainly do!

Coastal Grandmother Fashion may include:

1. Button Up White Shirts

I was hard pressed to find a white button up shirt on Amazon for under $20, but this one may might the bill at $18.99. It seems more "office-y" than "coastal grandmother" so I like this second choice more for the trend. However, it's $24.99.

2. Breezy, Light Blue Shirts

This color offered more choices under $20 on Amazon.

3. Wide Brim Straw Hats

I have a dark brown, wide brim straw hat that I bought in St. Augustine, FL in 2011. I do not remember the store or I'd share the link to my hat. It's last these 11 years, and I wear it regularly. It's one of my top five favorite items from my entire wardrobe. This wide brim straw hat in beige one from Amazon is now on sale for $19.99 (was $32.99) and has a "coastal gran" vibe.

4. White Hats

The Diane Keaton quintessential white hat (I imagine a collection of them in her closet) is front and center (and top of head) in this style. This bucket hat is affordable and looks like a head hug at $16.99. Plus, it has UPF sun blocking ability.

This wide brim cotton hat is even cheaper at $12.99.

5. Lightweight Linen Pants

You could think blue, white, cream, and beige in linen pants - long or crop length and fit into the Coastal Grandmother trend. These linen pants come in at $20.99 putting me $0.99 over the $20 mark.

I have these linen pants in black, but they are $29.99. I can attest to the quality of these particular pants, and I am considering a second pair in a lighter color like the "C Gray" or the "F A White" they offer.

6. Beach Sweaters

7. Cashmere Wraps

Searching the word "cashmere" on any retail website, you'll be hard pressed to find anything under $20. Imagine my excitement to find this cashmere feel wrap for $16.99! It's made with 30% cashmere.

8. Big Sunglasses

Of course we need big sunglasses to block out UV rays on our easy, breezy, beach walks. Your future will be bright in these gorgeous shades!

9. Sandals

For those off-beach strolls, we need a comfy pair of summery sandals to fit the Coastal Gran vibe. I can attest to these sandals but they are over $20, which I bought more than two years ago. They are still looking great and will be worn again this summer in my collection. Keeping choices under $20 brings us to this sandal:

10. Sling Bag

I am partial to a hobo crossbody bag, but a small sling bag is a good fit for this trend.

Onto Home Decor! Think Diane Keaton in the movie "Something's Gotta Give" with her white shell collection and Meryl Streep in the movie "It's Complicated" with those gorgeous open shelves filled with white dishes (both Nancy Meyers movies).

Photo credit: Hello Lovely // Universal Pictures "It's Complicate" movie set // Meryl Streep

Coastal Grandmother Home Decor may look like:

11. Table Runners

Love this table runner in the color "oyster grey" which gives you a beach, summer vibe without being on the nose with "beach vibes" written across it. It's $17.99 for the 14x48 and may push you over the $20 threshold depending on your table size.

12. Simple Small Vases

Placed together as a set or individually around the house, this set of 4 small vases may add a flair of coastal grandmother to your home.

13. White Serving Dishes

Keeping it simple with these rectangular, white serving dishes.

Or you can really fancy it up with this curved olive tray. Why do I want this so much? It's so fun and fancy!

14. Spring/Summer Flowers

For those small vases in #12, pop in a pop of color via flowers in your beachy sea of white decor.

15. Cozy but Luxurious Items

This would apply to blankets, decor, rugs, chairs, mattress toppers, and more. I recommend these Vionic Slip On House Slippers I only wear inside the house (my house shoes so I do not track dirt inside) but they are pricey for this blog post. These Dearfoams Women's Chenille A-line Slippers are cozy but luxe for your feet.

16. Extra Seating

Extra cozy chairs and extra dining room chairs positioned near but not at the dining room table fit the Coastal Gran vibe. It's welcoming but strategic. I could not find a chair for under $20, but you may be able to score floor pillows like this one for that price (could work for kids):

17. White Candles

Resting on a simple plate or candle holder, white pillar candles offer a cozy and luxe feel. I'm partial to unscented candles or homemade candles. I like to use essential oils for a nice homey smell. If essential oils are your thing too, you can get a $40 gift card after your first purchase of Simply Earth's Monthly Recipe Box (use code ERICALUCASFREE) or this link.

18. Table Lamps

Loads of choices for Coastal Grandmother lamps on Amazon... if your price point is above $20. This simple lamp for $9.20 is in "purple" but looks like a lighter blue and vibes with that beach feel.

19. Soft, Cozy Throw Blankets

All. The. Cozy. Blankets. Please.

20. Flour Sack Towels

Have you used flour sack towels before?

Coastal Grandmother is a style choice. You do not have to be a grandmother, mother, or of any set age to dress the style, refresh you home decor, or feel some coastal vibes. I have numbers 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 19... I might be a Coastal Grandmother, actually.

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