Hello, Friend! 

Using a "grow with me" approach, I focus on inspiring people to make positive changes on my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and through email encouragement.  

Focusing on minimalism, decluttering, and organizing everything that is left, I share my hurdles, tears, laughs, lessons learned, and successes along the way. 


Lately, life (and things) need to be simple, healthy, or essential. 

My journey started with decluttering and is now a platform for helping people live with less. If you need support decluttering, join my free, private Facebook group, Decluttering One Day at a Time.

Before minimalism, I often felt a dopamine high from frequent shopping, but it was soon followed by anxiety about stuff, financial guilt, and ultimately depression. I lived in this cycle for decades before discovering minimalism. By the time I explored minimalism, I had faced more than $60,000 in debt.


Anxiety stemmed from clutter, the financial guilt, and the indecision that came from not even knowing HOW to declutter plagued me before discovering minimalism. After becoming a mother, I fought depression for years because I was overwhelmed by my past decisions, clutter, motherhood, and life. I started living "Life On Purpose" slowly and changed my life... one day at a time. 

I'm a mom, a Navy wife, a daughter, a homeschooler, a redhead, and a coffee lover. Nice to meet you!

Love, Erica