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Obstructive, massive, problem-level clutter overwhelmed me... until I decluttered thousands of items, created open space in our home, and found free time as a minimalist!

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Welcome to this judgment-free corner of the internet!


In 2019, we accepted delivery of belongings that had been left in military storage over the years. My family of five suddenly lived with obstructive, problem-level clutter in boxes stacked to the ceiling. Rooms became unusable and unsafe. We could not access exits in case of emergency. 

Problem-Level Clutter:

  • Bought the same things over and over because I couldn't find them or couldn't remember where they were. 

  • Created $65,000 in debt from a poor relationship with money

  • NEVER had guests, friends, or family over - I was too embarrassed. 

  • Could not clean our home because clutter piled on every possible surface

  • We ate meals on the couch or the floor because the table was always covered with items. 

  • Stress and anxiety affected my sleep, my ability to play with my children, and my relationships. 

Realizing how a downward cycle of keeping every item move after move, buying more things, not knowing how to let go of belongings, and allowing storage to hide stuff along the way led to mounting debt, massive clutter, and major stress.


Even though we had this clutter problem, I still spent money needlessly. Feeling out of control, I began sharing these struggles, hurdles, tears and laughs on YouTube to 90 subscribers in 2019. Mostly, homeschool moms as that was the content I shared in 2019. 

Three years later, the YouTube channel has more than 9.5 million views and 42,000 subscribers. I wasn't alone in the need to declutter and simplify my life. 

I continue to make life simple in Maryland with my husband, three kids, and my dog. My favorite hobbies include gardening and reading.

Nice to meet you! I'm glad you are here.

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