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10 Minimalist Favorites to Get Ready Faster in the Mornings

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

These 10 minimalist favorites make managing my self care products easier, and help me get ready faster in the mornings!

Let's dive into the list of minimalist favorites to get ready faster in the mornings!

The Short List:

  1. everyday drawer

  2. less products makes it easier to know what I have and where items are

  3. products in one spot makes it easier to reorder

  4. minimalism makes it easier to tidy the bathroom after getting ready

  5. minimalism makes it easier to clean the bathroom each week

  6. hooks on the back of bathroom doors for body towels

  7. hanging towels after laundering takes less time

  8. hotel bath mats

  9. minimalist make up

  10. keeping enough hand towels and washcloths to maximize laundry loads

I talk about these 10 things (and a few more things) in this 10 Minimalist Favorites to GET READY FASTER in the Mornings (and Make Life Easier)! GRWM video:

The Detailed Version:

#1 An Everyday Drawer

In my everyday drawer, I keep deodorant, water bottle to refresh curls, moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, jewelry, AG style cream, and a hairbrush. Limiting the number of things I keep in my everyday drawer keeps it tidy and makes life easier to get ready faster in the mornings.

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#2 Keeping Less Products

Don't get me wrong... I'm quick to try new lotions, hair products, lovely smelling goodies, and pretty much anything lavender scented. Even as a minimalist. But keeping less products as a whole makes it easier to manage inventory for self care products and maximizing time spent in my morning routine. As a busy mom of three (aren't we all busy in some way?!), I like to get ready fast.

Less inventory means I know what I have and where items are in my bathroom.


#3 One Stop Shop

Keeping all my goodies in the bathroom means I know when it's time to reorder my favorites. If I stumble upon a sale too good to resist, I will buy one or two extras of my favorites but still keep them together so I can easily shop my own products and reorder quickly.

#4 Tidy Fast - Every Day

My bathroom is probably the one spot in our entire house that I can tidy in under two minutes. In fact, I usually just tidy as I get ready so the counter is clear for the day. My everyday drawer makes it easy to tidy, as well. I just toss it all in there!

#5 Get Clean

I clean our bathrooms every 7-10 days, and typically clean surfaces daily. Just a quick wipe of the counters and faucets after I use the bathroom each day does the trick. I clean the rest every 7-10 days. I talk more about my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines in this video:


#6 Bathroom Hooks

Each of our bathrooms with showers and tubs have hooks on the back of the door. Each member of my family has one designated hook, and is responsible for hanging their own towels after baths and showers. I wash all body towels, bath mats, washcloths, and hand towels on a weekly basis. It requires about 3 loads as I do the bath mats as their own load, but on a fast wash cycle.


#7 No Towel Folding

I do not fold body towels any longer. That's FOUR HOURS (a year) I used to spend FOLDING TOWELS. Is four hours much when spread out over a year? Not really, but if I said you will now spend FOUR HOURS folding towels, you'd run away.

Body towels go straight from the dryer to each person's hook. Clean and ready to use for the next week. I changed two things:

1) I used to fold body towels in our towel basket. Then, each person would pull from the basket to use and hang on the hook for the week. I had to maintain extra body towels for this process, as it didn't urge me to wash them weekly. I had extra in the basket and didn't attention to when and if the towels needed laundering.

2) I ditched the extra body towels (they were used for the dog until shredded) in our rotation. The body towels basket because a guest basket for towels. Less to manage!

#8 Hotel Bath Mats

I switched from the bath mat style with a sticky bottom to hotel bath mats. The sticky back style didn't fair well in the dryer and took too long to air dry (in my opinion). I have four of the hotel bath mats, and wash them each week. We rotate the four in and out during the week.

#9 Minimalist Make Up

I do not usually wear tons of makeup. It's never been my thing. But I have some quality products and have rotated sustainable choices along the way. Small decisions over time add up! All of my make up fits in my organizer tray in my everyday drawer. It also all fits in a small travel bag when we go on trips.

#10 Extra Hand Towels and Washcloths

I have 4 hand towels per bathroom (so 12 hand towels), and about 25 washcloths (roughly 5 showers per person per week). When I see the washcloths pile has about 3 left, that's my trigger to get all body towels, washcloths, bath mats, and hand towels laundered. That trigger usually hits about every 5-7 days (more like 5 in the summer when the kids get more baths during the week).

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