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Clutter is MAGNETIC!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Does clutter magnetize for you? My kitchen island is positioned at the center of traffic in my house and all of my family members - including myself - dumps stuff onto the kitchen counter.

In this video, I shared how our kitchen counter feels magnetic for clutter, even as a minimalist.

Clutter gathers. It happens. It just does. We LIVE in this house so our kitchen island counter is a hot spot for clutter. We are minimalist living - and that means stuff gathers.

Many comments offer a nighttime routine as a solution for keeping clutter from getting out of hand day after day. No matter how great or nailed down our routines may be - or how often we clean - life gets messy and clutter happens. This recent video is popular on my channel and the comments have been enlightening. So many people commented about nighttime routines being their solution to maintaining clear surfaces. Putting things away before bed. I love this solution!

I would like to stand on this side of the counter and tell you a nighttime routine that includes clearing the kitchen counter works every night. Maybe for some of us it does work nightly. But for me, come 7:00 pm, I am burnt toast. My hubs sweeps in and finishes the dinner dishes and I rest for a few minutes before we launch into the bedtime routine for the kids and ourselves.


A solution proposed in Welcome Home, by Myquillyn Smith, is a tray to gather items together. I use a wooden tray on my kitchen counter to corral things that collect during the day... the week... the month.

My GRACE TRAY on the kitchen counter is FORGIVING. It lets me gather items on purpose - temporarily - and gives clutter a home for a time. Until I get to it. It's forgiving! The name "grace tray" came from a comment in this video and I fell in love with the name. It's now called the Grace Tray in our house.

It allows me to stress less about clutter and still live in our home. Grace Tray for the WIN!

Here's a tray that is similar to the one I use:

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