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27 Ways to Declutter Books

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

This blog post is an extension of the Decision Tree: Decluttering Books download.


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For the decisions that landed you in the DECLUTTER box of the Decision Tree, here are 27 ways to declutter books:

  1. DONATE to your local library

  2. DONATE into book bins near you, such as Discover Books.

  3. DONATE into Little Free Library near you.

  4. DONATE to Better World Books near you.

  5. DONATE to local retirement homes (call first).

  6. DONATE to local churches and charities.

  7. DONATE to local thrift stores and consignment shops.

  8. DONATE to your local schools.

  9. DONATE to a local prison.

  10. DONATE to Kids Need to Read (they do not accept during certain months).

  11. DONATE to your local Book Bank (I Googled Maryland Book Bank to find mine.)

  12. GIVE away on local Buy Nothing groups.

  13. GIVE away using

  14. GIVE away your book on and watch it travel.

  15. GIVE away to family and friends.

  16. TRADE in your books with Amazon's Buy Back program.

  17. SELL to Half Price Books.

  18. SELL books to your local used book reseller.

  19. SELL to Sell Back Your Book.

  20. SELL your used books on Amazon.

  21. SELL your textbooks to

  22. SELL textbooks with

  23. SELL on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other listing sites.

  24. SELL in a yard sale.

  25. REPURPOSE and make bookmarks or gift tags from the paper.

  26. TRASH poor condition hardcover books that cannot be donated or repurposed (the covers have materials that cannot be recycled)

  27. RECYCLE poor condition paperback books that cannot be donated or repurposed

Next, check out how bookshelf organization and bookshelf styling are different. Plus 31 tips for organizing your bookshelves!

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