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50 Unique Gift Ideas for 2022!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Whether you are shopping for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or yourself, this list of 50 unique gift ideas will aid in shopping and make you the best gift-giver. Comb through this list to find the perfect gift for each person on your list!

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In this blog post, you will find 50 unique gift ideas for:


FTC Disclaimer: Please note that some links may be affiliate links, and I earn a commission from your purchase. These links share products at no extra cost to you. I may receive some products in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by brand, person, or company.


Finding the perfect present for each person on your list can be a challenge. This list of 50 best gifts for 2022 will get you going!

Inexpensive Gifts that are AMAZING!

1. Head scratcher (this is a great gift idea for kids and adults)

2. Dr Teals Lavender Bath Soak (one of my favorite beauty gifts to myself!)

3. Slippers

4. Beanies

5. $5 gift card to a local coffee shop

6. a Bible (you can find them at dollar stores and charity shops)

unique gift idea
food consumables are a great unique gift!

Food Consumables

Supporting small businesses is a wonderful way to support your community and your neighbors. You can find gifts for special occasions, birthday gifts, sweet treats, creative gifts, and more at many stores near you that are owned by people in your community.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is known as "Smalll Business Saturday" and many towns will have information on their tourism website.

Best food consumable gifts ideas:

7. Baked goods from a local bakery such as cookies, cupcakes, or pastries. You could pre-order a special package and pick up the morning you are meeting up with friends or family. One of the best unique gift ideas for family members is to bring baked goods from a bakery near you when traveling.

8. Dog treats for the puppy owners or cat treats for the cat lovers in your life

9. Coffee beans for your coffee lover! I love getting and giving delicious coffee (or gift cards) from local shops. Normally, it’s a treat for myself to buy some expensive, indulgent coffee. You could package this gift idea with a festive mug as a gift set.

10. Monthly wine subscription (many local vineyards ship)

11. Variety six pack from a local brewery

12. Chocolates from a bakery or chocolatier

13. Loose tea or tea gift packs from small business coffee/tea shops or small business home decor stores (some have a kitchen section with tea strainers and carry local teas). Pair with a travel Yeti rambler.


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Bath Gifts

Best bath gifts ideas:

14. Bar soaps

16. Loofah

17. Bubble bath (see #2 from above)

unique gift idea for bath
Gift an indulgent bath gift for an at home spa day!

Experience Gifts

You could buy annual memberships, one-time experience tickets, series of tickets, items, or gift cards in this category. This category is great for the last minute shopper since you can get online gift cards and memberships purchases quickly.

For the best experience gifts ideas, grab tickets or gift cards for:

18. Aquariums

19. Museums

20. Special Exhibit tickets

21. Local farmers goods (some have special days you can buy)

22. Farmers markets

23. Concert tickets

24. Zip lines (one of the most unusual gifts to receive or give!)

25. Sports games for the sports fan on your list

Escape Room
Escape Room

My oldest child feels like they are living his best life at our local Escape Room - one of his favorite activities! In fact, I need to add that to his Christmas list...

26. Escape room

27. Wine or beer tasting

28. Classes/courses (pottery, painting, cooking, etc.)

29. Movie night (tickets to theater or Disney+ subscription with some make-at-home popcorn)

experience gift ideas
Special Exhibits or museum passes are great gifts!

Gift Cards

This is a great gift category if you have to ship something light in the mail (like a small gift card) or you could even have it delivered to the gift recipient's email inbox on a designated day.

Best gift card ideas to support local and small business:

30. Favorite restaurants

31. Salon/spa

32. Massages (this is a popular gift for couples to give each other)

33. Coffee shops/Bakeries

34. Cash - when all else fails, consider giving cash. The teenagers and 20 somethings on my list get cash.


Another category that you can eGift and reduce any shipping or wrapping costs and materials. This category could list thousands of possible subscriptions so I will name a few to keep the ideas flowing.

Best subscription gift ideas:

35. Ancestry subscription or an Ancestry DNA kit with a subscription

36. Magazines/eMagazines

37. Skillshare: this is packed with perpetual learning

38. Audible: listen to books in the car, on the train, on a plane

Magazines are a unique gift for kids and adults!





Best book gift ideas:

39. Kindle Unlimited: (I read 1-2 books a week and 75% of them are from KU)

40. Kindle (there are quite a few kinds: paperwhite, fire, oasis, kids)

41. Gift card to local bookstore

42. Cookbooks (Hope's Table is one my recent favorites)

43. Large books from local photographers for a coffee table display

Open ended toys for family gifts/child gifts

Best toy gift ideas:

44. Lego or Lego City

45. Blocks

Yes, they are pricey but I've bought the cheap ones and the real ones - the cheap ones do not work well. If the kids on your list already have Magnatiles, this add-on car set may work.

48. City building // Creating blocks

My kids LOVE this Melissa and Doug wooden town set. It's lasted years and been used with train tracks to create cities and towns.

Hands down a favorite of my 8 year old son.

50. Dominos

PS: I use toy bins like these to organize toys. Easy to see, easy to access, easy to tidy up!


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