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Where do I take decluttered items?

Updated: Sep 21

Over the last 15 months, I have decluttered thousands of items. I think of decluttering as a two-step process. The first step is deciding to let go of an item. This can be an easy step or a very hard step if emotions are involved. Guilt from money spent, gifts received, and even sentimental items can make it hard to let go of items.

Where can I donate near me?

The first step is deciding to let go of an item. The second step is actually getting it out of your home. Decluttering is not complete until it's been rehomed. Here are 8 ways I've decluttered items to a new home over the last year.

  1. Shelters (animal, women's, homeless)

  2. Purple Heart pick ups

  3. Buy Nothing groups

  4. Friends and family

  5. Churches

  6. Libraries

  7. Buy Back Box

  8. Goodwill

In this video, I chat about decluttering to these locations. Where do you declutter your items?

As promised in this video, here are additional suggestions from viewers!

9) PlanetAid (find a bin or use their Give Back Box program)

10) Facebook Marketplace

11) Poshmark

12) ThredUp (Clean Out Kit: you can choose to sell or donate or shop)

13) Ebay

14) a local hospice (they have a family room and kids watch movies, read books, etc.)

15) daycares

16) schools

17) upcycle and creative reuse centers (google: creative reuse center near me)

18) local thrift stores and consignment shops

19) yard sales

20) local foster care clothing closets for foster families (google: foster care closet near me)

21) Salvation Army

22) Easter Seals

23) Habitat for Humanity ReStore

24) GreenDrop

25) Boys and Girls Club (contact your local club)

26) put a "free" box in your front yard

27) take a book/share a book and find your local Little Free Library

28) freecycle.org

29) Craigslist


Comment with more so we can grow a comprehensive list for everyone!

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