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My Top Rated Books from the Last Six Years

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

To earn five stars from me, a book has to be very hard to put down. Since I mostly read at night, I read more fiction because it requires less brain engagement from me. I adore non-fiction books that improve my life, but I save those for day time so I can take notes and pay attention better.

I've collected my favorite reads from 2015-2020 on this Amazon shopping list. (Price stays the same, but I collect a commission.) Share your favorites with me so I can add them to my To Be Read list!

* = non fiction

  1. The Little Shop of Found Things (series)

  2. Oona Out of Order

  3. In Five Years

  4. Make Time*

  5. Grit*

  6. Goodbye, Things*

  7. The Discovery of Witches

  8. Shadow of Night

  9. Becoming*

  10. The Shadowy Horses

  11. Splendour Falls

  12. Seasons of Storms

  13. A Desperate Fortune

  14. The Firebird

  15. The Rose Garden

  16. The Winter Sea

  17. Belleweather

  18. Freaky Days

  19. Freaky Rites (love this series)

  20. The Storyteller's Secret

  21. Cyber Storm

  22. Holding Smoke

  23. The Final Day (part of a trilogy)

  24. 77 Days of September

  25. Daunting Days of Winter

  26. Dead Lucky

  27. Power

  28. Legacy

  29. Wildflower*

  30. Troublemaker*

  31. Unravel

  32. The Book Thief

  33. Eight Hundred Grapes

  34. Luckiest Girl Alive

  35. A Mythos Grimmly

  36. The Martian

  37. Why not me?*

  38. The Pocket Wife

  39. The Girl on the Train

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FTC Disclaimer: Please note that some links may be affiliate links, and I earn a commission from your purchase. These links share products at no extra cost to you. I may receive some products in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by brand, person, or company.

4 comentarios

Catherine Weber
Catherine Weber
18 ago 2021

Thank you for this list! I'm trying to get back into ready as a form of self care and this is a huge help!

Me gusta
Erica Lucas
Erica Lucas
18 ago 2021
Contestando a

Wonderful! Reading is a form of self care for me too.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
15 ene 2021

Updated, troyer59!

Me gusta

30 dic 2020

Hi Erica! Is there any chance you would indicate Fiction vs Non-fiction on your list? Love your videos. Happy New Year (and good riddance 2020!)

Me gusta
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