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My Minimalist Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

There's a misconception about minimalists and stuff. We still like stuff. Our preferences have changed but we still like stuff.

If you are shopping for a minimalist in your life, this blog post might offer some ideas. Or you can just ask them. I can rattle off a list of things I want but don't buy myself.

1) Consumables... let's start with my favorite. Coffee. I buy an affordable brand from the grocery store. If someone wanted to buy me coffee, I'd want them to buy local and grab a delicious medium roast from Rise Up Coffee here in Annapolis. It's three times the cost of coffee I buy, and it's a treat for me.

2) Gift Cards... I have a few (again, shopping local) shops in the Annapolis area that I treasure, but do not treat myself often. I would enjoy gift cards to my favorite shops so I can give back to the community and treat myself.

3) Books... I'm a big reader. Certain books I enjoy in hard cover, others in Kindle or paperback. My kids are big readers. My husband is one, too. I have a "to be read" list on GoodReads and in my journals (and in my brain) a mile long. See #2 for ideas to buy books... Barnes and Noble, local bookstores, Amazon, etc.

4) High Quality Items... now that I value myself more, I value higher quality clothes and jewelry. I'm worth it. I would love a pair of gold hoops but would not buy them for myself. This is the kind of gift for someone you love, not just like.

5) Time... my love language is time. Time together and time to myself. I'd much rather have a visit with a friend, than a gift.

6) Yeti products... any of them. My coffee stays hot-warm for hours and now I don't drink from mugs. They make coolers and much more.

7) Experiences... we are venturing into RV life. We love visiting museums and aquariums. Going for a simple hike in the woods. Anything gifts related to experiences are great!


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