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A branch of minimalism revealed itself to me after 8 months of living with less. Reducing our impact on the Earth to low waste or zero waste when possible has become a priority for me. On this page, I share a few ideas. 

1) Change to DROPPS: a zero waste detergent. I cannot say enough positive things about this company or their products. They are effective and eco-responsible products (I use the laundry detergent and the dishwasher pods), and their zero waste packaging is just better for the Earth. 

2) Ditch the k-cup coffee cups and use a re-usable, mesh k-cup filter. 

3) Compost. Here's the one we use. 

4) Buy plastic-free when possible. I've made two changes in the bathroom: bamboo toothbrush and switching deodorant to Native

5) Switch to microfiber cleaning cloths instead of paper towels, when possible. I still use paper towels for toilet cleaning.

6) Ditch the plastic grocery bags, and get reusable shopping bags

7) Buy more vegetables and fruits without packaging. Compost the parts you don't use or freeze the vegetable pieces to make a vegetable broth later. 

8) Use cloth napkins instead of paper. I like the ones we have because I don't have to iron them - they don't wrinkle in the dryer. 

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