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In this video, we find as many toys as we can in the house, and spend the day playing with them. We decide what to keep and donate the rest. I don't know if there is a magic number for toys when talking about minimalism, but my kids intentionally hung onto some favorites and let go of a large bin of their toys. We talked about donating to other families and why it's important to give forward. 


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linen closet.png

Declutter, organization, and makeover of our linen closet! This video is a triple whammy! There was more to declutter than I expected, and so happy with the final linen closet organization.


Decluttering is less of a chore these days, now that minimalism has found me. The longer I'm on this minimalism journey, the less I find we really need to have in the house and more we focus on what matters to us.


I did it! I climbed the paper mountain and decluttered it.


My first step was to gather all the paperwork I could lay my eyes on, plus repurporse a filing bin and file folders from my kids artwork bins.


Secondly, I sorted by shred/recycle, recycle, trash, or keep.


The keep section was organized and labeled as I progressed into categories like cars, house, taxes, etc.

2paper declutter.png
paper declutter (1).png

I tried the needs attention box from the Konmari paper clutter (declutter) method, but it just wasn't working for me. Before the paper clutter gets out of hand, I had to change my system. Now, I'm using my calendar and paying attention to paper clutter as soon as it comes into the house. Plus, my minimalist desk is free of paper clutter! My improved system in this video is more in line with my intended minimalist lifestyle. The ongoing paper clutter is now streamlined, simple, and compact.

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