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30 Ways to Try Minimalish

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Minimalism is a lifestyle choice and change. Minimalish helps you

practice living with less without diving deep into minimalism. 


Minimalish is for you if you connect to one (or more) of the following:

  • you want to "try" minimalism but not label yourself a minimalist

  • you are considering minimalism as a lifestyle change

  • you have started to live with less

  • you haven't started to live with less but you want to

  • you are ready to declutter but not sure how to get started

  • you want to practice minimalism in some parts of your life but not all parts

  • you want to live with less but some of your family members do not

  • you are overwhelmed with stuff but don't want to become a "full" minimalist

While I consider myself a minimalist, I live with four non-minimalists (my husband and three kids). I have two spatulas but hundreds of books. Restrictive feelings can come with beginner minimalism, like: 


  • what if I declutter too many mugs? 

  • what if I need this item someday? 

  • I like my stuff too much to get rid of it all


You do not have to "get rid of everything" and only live with the bare minimum. Minimalism is different for each person. For me, keeping the freedom to choose how to live with less in some areas of your home and life while keeping more in another category is living a minimalish life.


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30 Ways to Try Minimalish

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30 Minimalish Ways
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