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Laundry Products

Below is a list of recommended laundry products to simplify your home and life. 

wool balls

Swap fabric softener and dryer sheets for wool dryer balls. I have used mine for years and they have not shredded apart. They work great as a non-toxic solution in your laundry room.



Dropps laundry detergent is a non-toxic solution to clean laundry. We use these laundry pods for every single load of laundry. 

drying rack

We use this drying rack on our deck to dry swimming clothes all summer long. 

laundry bag

We use this laundry bag in our RV. Makes it easy to lug loads to the onsite laundry mats.


baking soda

Paired with vinegar, baking soda is a great laundry product to get rid of bad odors (hello, kids sneakers). Generally, I've found it price at $1 per pound at most stores. 

stain remover bar

We use this stain remover bar when we travel. It's light, compact, and a strong worker.


fabric softener

Our substitute for fabric softener is white vinegar. It softens and disinfects. We buy it from Sam's Club to get the best price. Here's a link to grab a bottle of white vinegar from Target.

kid's hampers

These hampers are durable and easy to wipe down. We have one for each kid and Amazon has multiple choices for colors.

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