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Minimalism and productivity... can living with less help you get more done? I'm still figuring that out, but on my particular minimalism journey I've found I want to own less, do less, and use less. Productivity has improved for me because now I focus on the things that matter most to me, and let the rest be just that... the rest. 

I have read a few productivity books, tried a few methods, and the Brain Dump and Three for Me methods work best for me in this phase of life.


So, I ask you, do you want to get more done or do you want less to do?


Being Minimalish means figuring out that answer for yourself. My Brain Dump and Three for Me methods helped me realize I want to less to do but want to focus more on the tasks that matter most to me and my family.  

I am a big fan of SkillShare for Productivity Classes and for learning more in life. Check out a free trial and let me know which classes you took. 

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