Before minimalism, I felt embarrassed about the clutter in our home. Overwhelmed with the decluttering decisions I faced in every corner. We had rooms we could not even use stuffed with boxes of stuff. We were stuffocating, and I felt discouraged about my inability to identify what to keep and what to declutter.

Through the journey of decluttering thousands of items from our home and removing the busy from our life, I discovered how a "minimalish" form of minimalism fit best for us. We have reduced our debt, decluttered thousands of items, and live a less busy - more intentional - life. 


This is a judgment-free space. I'm here to offer you the grace you need to discover open space in your home, calendar, and life. I am not here to judge how much stuff you have in drawers or under your bed. 


Let's walk this journey towards living with less together... one day, one drawer, one shelf at a time.


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