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You Can Simplify Your Life

one day at a time

You can simpliify your life in many ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  1. Declutter your stuff.

  2. Leave open space in your home and on your shelves.

  3. Do less. Reduce commitments and learn how to say no unapologetically. 

  4. Reduce screen time.

  5. Minimize your debt. 

  6. Reduce the actions to complete your daily and weekly routines.

  7. ​Make laundry days easier​.

  8. Display and enjoy collections.

  9. Define your clutter.

  10. Intentionally decorate with seasonal decor.

  11. Learn to say "no."

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Whether you face mountains of clutter or small clutter hot spots, decluttering bit by bit can help you simplify your life. 

Letting go of items means you can gain more space in your home for the items you love, need, use, and treasure in your life. 




Less stuff means there is less to manage in your home. Less activities you do not wish to spend time doing means more time.


More time to spend with family and friends. 

One Day at a Time



Little things to adjust your day may start to simplify your life. Less screen time on social media, watch less tv, or live with less stuff. The art of sculpting a simplified life takes time, trial, and practice. Start with noticing your home, your emotions, and the ebb and flow of your day. 

Write down some notes and thoughts about your daily routine. How many times did you check your to-do list? When did you need to take a deep breath? Tracking what works and doesn't work is a great place to start. 

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