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January 2021 Meal Planning

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Why is meal planning helpful?

Planning weekly helped control our grocery budget spending, and helped us eat out less often. Bonus, we ate more healthy foods and sat together as a family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days.

I started feeling a bit of decision fatigue every week about deciding what to cook, shop for, and plan ahead for. Part of minimalism, for me, aims to reduce decision fatigue (choosing outfits, how to spend our time, school lessons, etc.) and it has definitely done that for me in 2020. I'm going to apply it to meal planning in January and see if it makes grocery shopping, meal planning, and budgeting even less time consuming.


And possibly less stress and less decision fatigue about what to feed my family? Worth a try! I'm going to keep it simple. Tuesdays are for tacos. Mondays are meatless. Shop my own pantry and freezer, my Use Up bins, and work with what we already have in the house. We are still staying safe at home here in this part of the USA, and do not go to the grocery store if we can help it. It's $6 to have it shopped and delivered for us, so we've been taking advantage of that contactless grocery shopping option for meal planning.

Here's a January 2021 blank printable calendar for you to meal plan along with me:

January 2021 Meal Plan
Download PDF • 655KB

Plan with me in this video as I navigate my pantry and plan for 93 meals!


Meal planning is great when I do it. Some weeks, I do not have a plan in place and we simply cook what we have or eat out more often than we'd like. Meal planning helps me control the food spending, keep our budget in line, eat healthier and saves us time. It takes more time and money to go out to eat with a family of five than it does to toss something together at home.

What meal planning tips do you have?

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